Brian Hsieh

admin  /   July 21, 2020

Brian Hsieh

Brian is not your average real estate professional. He is an Intelligence Analyst in the United States Air Force Reserve, a pioneer of Airbnb hosting in Tokyo, a competitive MMA enthusiast and is a competitive gamer.

A Native New Yorker, Brian grew up in Queens. After graduating from SUNY Stonybrook, he set off for Tokyo, Japan to obtain his MBA from Waseda University. While there, he became fluent in Japanese and Mandarin.  See More

Venturing into unknown territory, Brian became a veteran in Tokyo’s real estate market and that’s where he called home for over 10 years. In 2012 Brian became an expert on daily apartment rentals and commercial investments in Tokyo. Brian’s most notable transaction was representing investors in acquiring a $45 million dollar apartment building. 

Having served thousands of clients with almost a decade of success in Tokyo he thought, “Why not conquer NYC, the greatest real estate market in the world” And so, his journey continues in NYC, guiding professionals and families in finding their home in one of the greatest cities in the world. 

As a Real Estate Advisor, he approaches each deal with a no-nonsense, logical and objective focus, bringing confidence and conviction to his client’s decisions. 

When not serving his clients, Brian enjoys training in martial arts, playing competitive online games while staying on call for US Air Force duty.

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