Pairing the industry’s top technology with unsurpassed local expertise, APT212 Investment Team of professionals operates at the highest standard to provide the best experience throughout all phases of the investment cycle.

Daniel duPlantier

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • daniel@apt212.com
  • 212 380 1375

Daniel, born in New York, graduated from the University of New Orleans in 2013 with a BBA. Daniel joined APT212 as a manager with backgrounds in both Marketing and Real Estate and takes aim at projects involving business development and growth.

Margaret Wang

  • Sales Manager
  • margaret@apt212.com
  • 212 380 1375 #402

Born and raised in the hometown of Confucius in northern China, Margaret has naturally inherited the great value of honesty and compassion. After four years of living and studying in Shanghai, she moved to New York City in 2012 to pursue a graduate degree in Communications at New York University and hasn’t  left the big apple ever since.

A veteran in the Real Estate industry for 6 years, Margaret has consistently been the top producing agent year over year. She has represented countless Buyers, Sellers and Renters.  See More (more…)

Adi Mag

  • Sales Manager
  • adi@apt212.com
  • 212 380 1375 #413

With a bachelors degree in Business from Baruch College, Adrian has gained valuable knowledge and experience, which has propelled her career as an agent in the fast environment of Manhattan real estate. She is a true expert of the city’s diverse neighborhoods, and works hard to always keep her clients’ best interests. Her dedication, timeliness, and assistance in helping her clients realize their real estate goals have put her in the position for success.

Languages: Farsi, Hebrew

Karishma Kendre

  • Sales Agent
  • karishma@apt212.com
  • 212 380 1375 #419

Fluent in both Hindi and English, Karishma left her hometown in Maharashtra, India to conquer NYC and has become passionate about NYC’s real estate industry. “New York City’s electrifying spirit captured me from the moment I stepped into this city. Finding a home for my clients in this city just as I have, is what brought me to Real Estate in the city that never sleeps!”

Karishma’s dedication and work ethic stems from her 20 years as a competitive contemporary and hip hop dancer.  She has taken that same tenacity for being the best and applied that to working tirelessly towards providing the highest level of service to all of her clients. See More (more…)

Georgeann Chang

  • Sales Agent
  • georgeann@apt212.com
  • 212 380 1375

Born in New Jersey and growing up in North Carolina, Georgeann has lived and worked all over the world from Switzerland to Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong and 3 different US states. This has led her to develop an international network and outlook, enabling her to connect and work with a multitude of clients from all over the world. 

Georgeann serves as both the Marketing Manager at APT212 and Real Estate Advisor. She spearheads content creation, promotions and lead generation through events, print and digital media. Her efforts are instrumental in creating and developing brand awareness.  See More (more…)

Jane Park

  • Sales Agent
  • jane@apt212.com
  • 212 380 1375 #418

Jane is originally from California and had the opportunity to move to NYC 7 years ago through the fashion industry.

She transitioned into real estate after helping a friend at a real estate tech start up based in Long Island City, and decided to jump into the larger more dynamic Manhattan market 3 years ago.

With an educational background in Economics and Management, combined with her analytical work experience, she enjoys the element of controlling her own financial destiny in the world of real estate.  See More (more…)

Darina Alexandrina

  • Sales Agent
  • darina@apt212.com
  • 212 380 1375

Driven and passionate are two qualities that best describe Darina. Originally from southern Russia, Darina studied in Europe and earned her degree in Economics and Management. She moved to New York City to pursue Real Estate 5 years ago. 

With experience working in sales in the Tech industry, Darina’s expertise extends across all neighborhoods of Manhattan, representing Sellers, Buyers and Renters of all property types  – whether it’s coop, condo, new development or townhouse.  See More (more…)

Brian Hsieh

  • Sales Agent
  • brian@apt212.com
  • 212 380 1375

Brian is not your average real estate professional. He is an Intelligence Analyst in the United States Air Force Reserve, a pioneer of Airbnb hosting in Tokyo, a competitive MMA enthusiast and is a competitive gamer.

A Native New Yorker, Brian grew up in Queens. After graduating from SUNY Stonybrook, he set off for Tokyo, Japan to obtain his MBA from Waseda University. While there, he became fluent in Japanese and Mandarin.  See More


Milena Leasevich

  • Sales Agent
  • milena@apt212.com
  • 212 380 1375 #421

Milena graduated from Amsterdam University with an International business background and previous experience working at the United Nations. She speaks four languages, where English & Russian are primary languages, and Dutch & Spanish are secondary. She has been living in New York for a while and knows it with her eyes closed. Milena is more than happy to assist you in finding the best accommodation for your stay in New York.

Kristine Misakyants

  • Sales Agent
  • kristine@apt212.com
  • 212 380 1375
Born in New York City, Kristine learned to speak Russian from her parents who immigrated to the US from Ukraine. Since she grew up in a real estate family that has been actively involved since the 1980’s, real estate has always been her passion.
Kristine is a seasoned Real Estate Advisor and started her career in 2011. She specializes in Battery Park City, serving as the local neighborhood expert. With a background in Interior Design & Marketing, Kristine graduated from Adelphi Academy & Parsons School of Design. See More


Olivia Gourley

  • Sales Agent
  • oliva@apt212.com
  • 212 380 1375

Olivia studied Marketing at San Diego State University and has worked in the real estate industry since graduating in 2016.  She has worked with various clients both domestically and internationally to provide upscale housing, which made her transition to being an agent in NYC an easy decision.  She is outgoing and friendly, and her diligence and eagerness allows her to provide the best experience for her clients. When you work with Olivia, you will enjoy a smooth process from start to finish, whether buying, renting, or selling.