Pairing the industry’s top technology with unsurpassed local expertise, APT212 Investment Team of professionals operates at the highest standard to provide the best experience throughout all phases of the investment cycle.

Yoav Blat

  • CEO
  • yoav@apt212.com
  • 212.380.1375 #415

Yoav, an entrepreneur from an early age and Israeli born, established APT212 Group in 2010, working with a close-knit team to build the APT212 brand from the ground up.

His extensive experience and knowledge of the industry, paired with his detail oriented nature and strong sense of urgency, help him to ensure his team members always work at their best and allow him to manage real estate deals with great success.

Daniel duPlantier

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • daniel@apt212.com
  • 212 380 1375

Daniel, born in New York, graduated from the University of New Orleans in 2013 with a BBA. Daniel joined APT212 as a manager with backgrounds in both Marketing and Real Estate and takes aim at projects involving business development and growth.

Margaret Wang

  • Sales Manager
  • margaret@apt212.com
  • 212 380 1375 #402

With a master’s degree from NYU and 5 years experience in New York Real Estate, Margaret’s prowess in marketing and research, coupled with exclusive knowledge of the industry, enables her to provide her clients with great investment opportunities and off market deals. She also has a multi-cultural background and language skills, which is highly recommended by her international clients.

Languages: English, Mandarin

Samantha Wu

  • Financial Manager
  • 212 380 1375

With a master’s degree in Accounting from the University of Maryland, Samantha is well prepared to analyze financial information and prepare financial reports. Serving as a hub between the sales team and office management, Samantha also performs all tasks in observance of the company’s strategy and adhere to the core values and service attributes.

Yaxin Xu

  • Financial Manager
  • Yaxin@apt212.com
  • 212 380 1375 #406

Yaxin joined APT212 with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Yaxin ‘s versatility allows her to tackle projects that vary from company branding to liaison between agents and clients as well as assisting the CFO and Financial Manager on a day to day basis.

Adi Mag

  • Sales Manager
  • adi@apt212.com
  • 212 380 1375 #413

With a bachelors degree in Business from Baruch College, Adrian has gained valuable knowledge and experience, which has propelled her career as an agent in the fast environment of Manhattan real estate. She is a true expert of the city’s diverse neighborhoods, and works hard to always keep her clients’ best interests. Her dedication, timeliness, and assistance in helping her clients realize their real estate goals have put her in the position for success.

Languages: Farsi, Hebrew

Rivka Mahgerefteh

  • Licensed Real Estate Sales Agent
  • rivka@apt212.com
  • 212 380 1375 #409

Born and raised in NYC with a degree in both Business and Political Science, Rivka is well-equipped to deal with the fast-paced dynamic of the city and its people. Clients find her to be trustworthy, motivated, and determined to succeed in meeting their personal needs as well as achieving their real estate goals. Rivka’s drive to connect clients with their ideal living space leads to effective communication and optimal results.

Languages: Hebrew, Farsi

Jeisohn Fiala

  • Senior Accounts Manager
  • jeisohn@apt212.com
  • 212 380 1375

A stylist of 20 years in the entertainment industry, experience working for News, Bloomberg TV, various high profile celebrities, TV personalities, publications and photographers assure you are working with the best. Jeisohn is well-versed in all things New York. He is internationally trained, having working in Israel, Paris, London & Milan, speaks multiple languages and is able to articulate your vision of NYC and make it a reality.

Jane Park

  • Sales Agent
  • jane@apt212.com
  • 212 380 1375 #418


Jane is a Results-Driven Commercial & Residential Broker specializing in Manhattan & Long Island City properties.  Her educational background is in Economics. After a transition from the Fashion to Real Estate, she provides a diversified yet focused approach in matching the most desired properties with ongoing demand.

Milena Leasevich

  • Sales Agent
  • milena@apt212.com
  • 212 380 1375 #421

Milena graduated from Amsterdam University with an International business background and previous experience working at the United Nations. She speaks four languages, where English & Russian are primary languages, and Dutch & Spanish are secondary. She has been living in New York for a while and knows it with her eyes closed. Milena is more than happy to assist you in finding the best accommodation for your stay in New York.

Georgeann Chang

  • Sales Agent
  • georgeann@apt212.com
  • 212 380 1375

Recently having moved back to New York from Hong Kong, Goregeann has had a great amount of international work experience from Switzerland to Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong. A skilled communicator, she is able to maintain cultural sensitivity, establish rapport with members of diverse groups, and promote team cohesiveness. Creative, resourceful and flexible, Georgeann is ready to help you find your short term home in NYC!

Bilingual in English and Mandarin

Karishma Kendre

  • Sales Agent
  • karishma@apt212.com
  • 212 380 1375 #419
Born in India to now living in NYC, Karishma has become well versed in NYC’s real estate industry.  With a Business degree in Entrepreneurship from Temple University’s Fox School of Business, Karishma is sure to make her client’s experience personalized to their specific needs. Karishma’s 5 years of experience as a Sales Agent and property management assistance, combined with a drive to create an effortless process for her clients makes her your go-to agent to finding your best stay in New York City!
Languages: Hindi, English

Matthew Gottlieb

  • Sales Agent
  • matthew@apt212.com
  • 212 380 1375

Born and raised just outside of NYC, Matt has lived in NYC since 2015. After receiving his Masters in Hospitality Management from New York University in 2018, Matt held positions with Marriott and Hyatt managing all aspects of the hospitality experience. Matt is extremely passionate about the real estate and hospitality industries and wants to help travelers from all over find unique and memorable accommodations in NYC.